Medical Sensor Glove
Tech Level: 11

This is a specialized remote diagnostic system that would be outfitted to battlefield medics and emergency response crews. It is currently being developed by Titan Corp. of Rancho Cucamonga, California, a major contractor for the US military. The system is officially known as MIDDAS (Mobile Integrated Diagnostic and Data Analysis System.)

The medic wearing the glove places it over a victim's bare chest, and specialized sensors in the glove's fingertips relay vital signs such as pulse rate, core body temperature, blood-oxygen level, heart rate variability, and blood pressure to a connecting computer (cited in the sources as a PDA) which is in turn connected via wireless modem to a specialized laptop operated by a trauma specialist. This trauma specialist may be another on-scene medic in the accompanying emergency vehicle, or he may be at a remote location, depending on exact circumstances.

If the patient is unstable, a clip-on monitor keeps the connection open, while the medic on the scene can move on to the next victim, coinfident tha man he just left will be continually monitored. If the patient's condition worsens, the trauma specalist alerts the medic on the scene. Dozens of such patients could be accurately monitored in this way by a single small pair of medics.


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Popular Mechanics, April 2003 Issue, p. 23

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